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ABSTRACTION • abstract art by Justin Bailey

• ABSTRACTION: the abstract paintings of Justin Bailey

My abstract paintings are made concurrently with my figurative work. I see them as complementary and there are many links and associations between the two forms of expression. I have experimented with many "styles" of the abstract language which include stripes, squares, circles, drips, splashes, blobs and much more. Quite often I will incorporate buttons and beads and other 3D elements to emphasis the surface. Here are a few examples of my abstract work dating from the mid 1980's.

BELOW: Some examples of the abstract forms I work in and links to my other styles like the figurative and the tunnels.

Buttons Geometrics Bitmaps
On this page are examples of my "Button" abstract work, in which I use beads and buttons as surface elements. This page shows examples of my "geometric abstracts" which use stylistic forms like stripes, and squares. The Bitmaps are a series of small abstracts measuring 12"/30cms square. They are mostly single coloured.
Figurative Tunnels Early
Click above to go to the main page showing my figurative work. Here are the "Tunnels" series, which are photo-real oil paintings. A page showing the abstract painting I was making mid 1980's.

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