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Photography: Canary Wharf - photos by Justin Bailey


From my studio in Mile End, East London I can see quite closely the area called "Canary Wharf", which is a major business district and is one of London's two main financial centres – along with the traditional City of London – and contains many of the UK's tallest buildings, including the second-tallest, One Canada Square. This has a flashing light at the top to warn low flying aircraft/helicopters and I managed to catch it close-up one night in the hand-held shakey pic above, after many attempts trying! I was pleased. Canary Wharf 01. Photograph. Size variable.


Yes, so I have a good view of Canary Wharf with its iconic One Canada Square which was designed by architect Cesar Pelli, and have documented it through photos over time from my studio window.Over time means since 2005.It is amazing how it changes with the changes of the seasons, and weather and light and skies. Canary Wharf 02 & 03. Photographs. Size variable.


The landscape has changed over the years I have been taking photos of Canary Wharf, these are just a few, there are many hundreds! Cranes appear and new buildings emerge and the view is modified again. The pyramid at the top of One Canada Square is quite iconic, but the building divides opinion. Canary Wharf 04. Photograph. Size variable.


These photos are not manipulated in photoshop at all, except to reduce the size for this webpage. Sometimes the sun was behind and it made afantastic atmospheric effect. Canary Wharf 06 & 07. Photographs. Size variable.


These photos of Canary Wharf date from 2005-now, with my original Fuji digital camera and now with my Samsung, both good cameras except the Fuji did develop a noticible round abberation after a while, so I got the Samsung which is neat and more pixels - even that is old by today's standards! But it's enough and I like it for video as well. My phone's a phone simple not smart no good camera.Canary Wharf 08 & 09. Photographs. Size variable.


Sometimes the weather can produce very dramatic effects. This storm was the same one as O4 and just around the time of the economic crash 2008. As the people who worked in the financial places like Canary Wharf were the ones who gambled too much and every thing went crazy and they lost their jobs and the bankers and the financial gamblers risked too much and it crashed. The storm seemed very apt to the general gloomy mood of depression and darkness and doom. But it's the same game, the bankers mess up and the get away with it and it is the ordinary person who has to bail them out. But that's Capitalism for you. That's the game that Capitalists play. They gamble and bet and sometimes they lose big time as what happened back then. 6 years on, not much better. No-one's wages have gone up. They say it's better, and it may be for them, but is it for average every-day "hard-working" man or woman feeling it? I'm not sure. The recession's stormy chaotic remains still linger. `these days we have to worry about terrible things happening in foreign countries as well as dodgy bankers! What is the world coming to? Canary Wharf 10. Photograph. Size variable.

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