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FIGURATIVE • paintings of the human form by Justin Bailey

• FIGURATIVE: figurative paintings by Justin Bailey

Figurative means the paintings and drawings which show the human form. The figure in a scene or entwinned with other figures. Often full faces, each one an individual. From the very early days, as a child aged 8, when painting a dinosaur, I loved a black line around things, to emphasis them from the background. Not realistic, but effective. Many artists have empolyed this technique, especially in relation to the figure: Picasso, Chagall, A.R. Penck, Haring, Basquiat all use this technique in paintings and drawings because it works well. So many of myfigurative artworks are black and white on paper or canvas, using marker pen or brush.

Some examples of the figurative forms I work in, dating from mid 1980's until present day.

Early Figurative Later Figurative Recent Figurative
On this page are examples of my early figuratve work, which dates from the mid 1980's to 1990. This page shows examples of my later figuratve work, which dates from the 1990's onwards. Here are examples of my latest figurative work including the marker pen drawings on canvas.
Abstraction Tunnels Lucky Dip
Click the link to see examples of the many types of abstract styles I work in. Here you will find the "Tunnels" series, which are photo-real oil paintings. On my original website this was a page for animated gifs, but I may change that here.

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