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• Justin Bailey meets Yves Tanguy •

The Lucky Dip page in the previous incarnation of my website was mainly about animated gifs, ones I had collected and ones I had created. One this mobile version I have changed what Lucky Dip is, and that will be more of a "blog". Something where I upload things I am interested in and pictuse and yes, animated gifs. Of course, i do much of that on Twitter, but this will be different, so please come by from time to time because this is the part of this new version of my website will be this "Lucky Dip" section.

Yes, so above is a close encounter between Justin Bailey, metroid cosplay character and Yves Tanguy, surrealist artist. I like the idea of this strange juxta-position and may do more. Justin Bailey, my namesake is pointing a raylovegun at yves Tanguy, brilliant Surrealist artist, who's grinning from ear to ear.

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• This page is brand-new and more content will be added on a regular basis once the website is up and runnnig.

"And the realisation that being a happy, nice person is much easier than being nasty and bad. Life is much easier, and better. Being nice, polite and pleasant is so much better and easier than being a grumpy git No-one likes nasty people Be nice!."

- advice gleaned from my father


I'm kind of feeling like this guy at the moment. Everything has taken a big tumble lately: Dad dying, my poor health, money worries, but I feel I will pick myself up at the bottom, dust myself off and get going once more and get things done. Get energised and achieve. Fix my health for once and for all. Start being strong again. Make some most excellent art, like I promised Dad (and myself). To be the best artist I can possibly be.

For the time being this is all for this new website but I will be adding more to this "Lucky Dip" page so stay tuned!

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