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Abstraction: Bitmaps, paintings by Justin Bailey


BITMAPS is a series of abstract paintings investigating grid systems. colour and surface

• Grid Abstracts

These paintings are made using a range of mixed media including oil pastel, paint. pva and an assortment of beads and buttons.

• 36 Paintings

Bitmaps are in a series of 36 which can be viewed as a 6 x 6 square or in a long row. Each one canalso be viewed in isolation.

• Full Colour Spectrum

Each canvas is predominately one main colour and there is the whole gamut of hues in the series

• Varying Grid Layouts

Each canvas has a slightly different grid layout; the number of squares, or amount of buttons varies in each painting.

• Small is beautiful

Each BITMAP measures 12 x12" / 30 x 30 cms, but when seen as a whole with a same size gap between each painting measures as a big work.

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