This page shows examples of the type of abstract paintings that I have been making recently (2006 - 2010). These are paintings that have a lot of surface and use materials such as scoobiedoo silly string, glass beads, bracelets, buttons and, most recently, marbles. Firstly, is a large example of one of these. This is the first of a series of small paintings (16" x 20") that I started in may 2006. Below, is a photo of 18 of these new pics. And after that a new one, number 69 which I added start 2008. These pictures are painted on canvases that I bought at the 99p store in Camden Town. Bargain! There are now a total of 100 all together of this series, which took me a long time to complete, but I feel as though I have achieved something, especially as they were painted alongside the 100 figurative portrait drawings.

Bling 01. a painting by Justin Bailey. may 2006. oil pastel, paint, pva, glass beads, marble and glitter. 16" x 20"

below. a selection of 18 of the Bling abstract paintings. May - July 2006

below. Bling 69, 2/3rds there. January 2008.

bling 69

my messy studio with many of the Bling paintings showing. . January 2008
a yellow Bling January 2008 January 2008

Also view a vid of the studio showing more of the Bling series and the rest of my studio in 2007.
This vid was taken one summer early morning as the sun rose over Mile End, Hackney and Canary Wharf.


lucky dip
Justin Bailey artist London, United Kingdom