some personal information about the artist Justin Bailey

life history

born in london, united kingdom, sometime in the latter half of the 20th century, which puts me slightly older than ten at time of writing.
named Justin by my parents mr and mrs Bailey.
i have 2 sisters.
i have three nieces and one nephew.
i love my family.

i live and work in london.

curriculem vitae
non artist stuff
kitchen porter
hospital porter
pharmacy assistant
cycle store manager, cycle saleperson and bicycle mechanic
book seller
apple mac salesperson
graphic designer
web designer

artist stuff
my history of an artist is one of a personal investigation that started most consciously with the painting of an imaginary dinosaur when I was 9 years old. it was then that i thought "hey, this is fun and is something i could enjoy and maybe be good at". it has been a visual journey into the figurative and the abstract and the meeting of the two using various media including painting, photography (and most recently vid), ever since then.

i have had a few exhibitions in London and abroad, but the big artworld is mostly unaware of my presence. but this website gets lots of hits and interest and is a brilliant way of showcasing my work to the whole world, and for people to purchase my art. however, if gallery owner wants to show my work or represent me in their country then please contact me.

my time in the studio is spent painting and being arty! i will play music (loud if it is the middle of the night and no-one is is around). i like working through the night when i am at the studio. I've got a mattress where I can crash if i want to work really, really late. i paint because it is something i am enjoy doing - i find it thereputic i guess. it literally is my focus. being an artist is my life - it is what defines me as a human being.

since october 2000 when i uploaded my website and since then i have been able to show my art via the internet, which is such a mind-boggling concept. people all around this planet earth can view my art, which is just fantastic!

in may 2006, i totally revamped and updated the website and changed its name from www.ahumanbeing.co.uk to www.ahumanbeing.com, and i have started adding facilities for the viewer to buy my work on-line.

thanks. JUSTIN.

meanwhile, here is a pic of me...