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8th February 2015 Welcome back "What's New" &

After a year's absence "What's New" makes a return, in fact like all of the original website, which had been off-line since last early Spring 2014. did make a re-appearance in September 2014, but this time in a form better to be seen using a mobile or tablet. I got it from a template and it seems fine, but I missed the haphazardness of the original version - and it was all by own design. So, I've brought it back, all of it. All the abstract, figurative and tunnel painting pages and all the crazy stuff in Lucky Dip. Hey, it's like a time capsule some of it, but it's my personal history of the artist as a human being. Or something like that.

So I have done some changes to the homepage. The homepage for this version - not the mobile one. Is this going to get complicated? So effectively the original, restored website is now a subsection of the new "mobile" version, which is now has the default homepage for

Anyway, I have stripped out all the embedded youtube videos of my work and music because they made the whole thing so slow to upload on the original homepage. It's much better now and those videos can be still looked at on wikidub and notwikidub.

For a more about to date information about my life and thoughts please check out my Twitter account. Thanks Justin.