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these are the websites that i bookmark and use as my own resource
these sites are not here for reciprocal links like the ones on my main links page
and they will not have an image, so that the page loads reasonably quickly
- I have, however, added a few banners of commercial sites I am affiliated with
I will update this section pretty regularly, so keep looking and bookmark this page
I hope that you find them as useful, interesting or fun as I do
apologies if any of these links do not work
I have designated various sections for these sites, these are:

links2linksmusicphotographynewsecoSF2 wheels
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JUSTIN BAILEY artist & humanbeing
art My website. Completely updated may 2006 UK galleries lists
anweb what used to be Artists Newsletter
galleries magazine UK monthly Art Listings magazine directory of independent writers & artists The Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) Cyber Living for Artists the largest gateway for online arts information German site contemporary art by brits art of the romantic art contests & competitions contemporary art from around the world Italian artsite your guide to the future of art art jobs in the visual world art channel trendy brit-art mag "stuck, stuck, stuck" said Emin naive and outsider art european guide to the arts institute of contemporary art The Source of the Finest Artists Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall ArtSEENsoHo SoHo nEw YOrk CiTy The Bible künst contemporary art listings American Visionary Art Museum Comprehesive Museums in the U.K. (and the world)
and again Art Galleries list Big art portal outsider art Mark Harden's artchive digital artists digital art resource Art Starting Points - Artist Resource daily arts news London artists Online Art Gallery Welcome to wobblybridge Big name gallery and another ultra trendy brit-art gallery art by women
Picasso on-line Picasso project by Dr. Enrique Mallen
Picasso the official site
Van Gogh Vincent van Gogh Gallery
Van Gogh Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Marcel Duchamp Marcel Duchamp World Community
H R Giger brain salad surgery
M C Escher M.C. Escher website
Andy Warhol The Andy Warhol Homepage Andy Warhol Foundation
Damian Hirst the wild boy of Brit art
Gustav Klimt Gustav Klimt Virtual Gallery
William Blake William Blake online by
Goya tortured genius
Monet Claude Monet
Yoko Ono Yoko Ono Box (an unofficial resource)
Leonardo da vinci drawings and links
Shawn Vernon Shawn added my site to his, so I reciprocated
google the ubiquitous
dogpile meta search
Northern Light Search big search engine
Search Engine Colossus country by country search
refdesk Best Source for Facts on the Net
Yahoo! UK & Ireland the most popular - Brits version Open Directory Project exciting Your Personal Internet Guide
HotBot what used to be Infoseek uses the Fast search engine
fastsearch for business the internet search engine! from one to the other and another
google wanabee and another one Teoma Search from Ask Jeeves Comprehensive list of dozens of search engines
weird'n'wonderful UFOs and conspiracy theories Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century space news, games and entertainment you know it makes sense morbidly fascinating population studies
The Vaults of Erowid everything there is to know about drugs cerebral find old (U.K.) school mates
bubble waste vital minutes with the PERPETUAL BUBBLE... that's a cool name you've got it's super and it's very, very bad levers Shift Japan - E-zine
seti the search for alien life ze's page every rule in the universe cool site of the day .PS.(3). learn how everything works! the museum Of jurassic technology love those moggies Veterinary Resources worms stuff that is wacky Weird Science Infinite Justin the Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful on the WWW Weird stuff funny pictures and humour IMMAGINA/E - surreal weird odd strange dark Weird Art it's weird! fun flash site new age stuff stylish d+r+e+a+m+7 [ n a t z k e : e n t e r ]
computers have a byte Apple Macintosh news Welcome to Macworld UK Online the mac bible for brits all the mac links you need Computer Warehouse - I used to work for them cheap mac stuff everything to know about the world of computers Tasty Bits from the Technology Front The Register The World Wide Web Consortium web design resource coding made simple windows info guestbooks, coding and other stuff .net - the voice of the Internet web design guru
games Games Radar UK - The latest games news - first Official UK Sony playstation site S H O C K W A V E shockwave games smart tic tac toe magazine for games developers big games site
links2links Over 6500 art related links
artlinx Comprehensive art links links to artists on-line art links art of the romantic links extensive art links world art links resources and links technical links for artists art history links Arts Links: The Tortoise Pages calligraphy links maritime Links links to UK Political Parties links to UK Central Government Departments botany links classic and vintage motorcycle links links to motorcycle manufacturers etc Moto Guzzi links The Grandfather of All Links big general links page yet more links Artificial Life - Index of the Links Weird Links Sub-age Weird and Wacky ....the ULTIMATE compendium occulty stuff lots of photography links
Hop's links links to mathematical art and fractals
music synthesiser music the master prog rock jazz site jazz journalists write
TommyProgressive Tommy's Forest of Progressive Rock Karlheinz Stockhausen Home Page electronic music from surreal to real New Musical Express the official site fans site Brian Eno site the man who fell to earth electronic music big reggae portal dub it up all about dub Jah Shaka Sound System UK Roots reggae Co-operative do your own dub music Official Bob Marley Web Site Tuff Gong world music site jumping jack flash stairway to heaven
hawkwind a worldwide discography 4 Ed Bangers Discography of New Age music ambient music site and links Wav Files and Sound Files Database Search the Web for Sounds
photography British journal of photography National Museum of Photography George Eastman museum Magnum photographers American Museum of Photography Microscopy photography photology Digital Camera Reviews and News AoP home page digital photography photography and art Photography Network Global Photographers . h a a s | s t u d i o . anton corbijn
news the UK's most popular website Peter Snow's ties are groovy The Guardian online Reuters New York Times online News and Other Web Sites
eco the mag online friends of the earth Greenpeace International UK nature and eco site EnviroLink Network Planet Ark Environment Agency - Home page U.N. Environment Programme Network nothing to do with wrestling! The Animal Diversity Web RSPCA Online World Society for the Protection of Animals E-Conflict World Encyclopedia Bird On! eco bible Environmental News Network Natural living digital recordings from nature
sf the main man the official site THE Source For Everything Trek! Star Trek in Sound and Vision the official site Your Daily Dose of Star Wars Science Fiction Cinema SadGeezers Guide to Cult Science Fiction ultimate SF web guide Science Fiction Resource Guide The Best in Science Fiction SF short stories science fiction behemoth
2 wheels The WWW Bicycle Lane promoting sustainable transport MCN - The UK's number 1 motorcycling magazine motorcycle co uk UK motorcycle shops Motorcycling info more motorbikes

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