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These animations are gifs I have created using Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady. I haven't mastered Flash yet... These little vids can be viewed individually or, even better, altogether as a collective experience. The first 10 or so of these pictures are modifications (re-mixes) of images that are from the sprawling, random digital artwork that I am creating, called "a journey". Most of that piece uses an assembled montage of free animated gifs that I have downloaded from the net. However, there are also some that I have made myself. These are more intricate and longer in time than the others. A very dear friend of mine suggested that I put these into a separate section, because they were suitably different and deserved to be seen together.
These images are the digital equivalent of my abstract paintings. Like them, these pictures are mostly symmetrical, have lines, grids and points of colour and a central focal point. Unlike the paintings, these images have motion. I have changed these previous "steps" from "a journey" so that they are more uniform and all have a central motif of the same size (300 x 300 pixels), so that the progression from page to page is more fluid and seamless. Some of these images are quite big files (up to 400k) so will take a more than few seconds to download (depending on your connectiom). More recently, I have been adding (and will continue to add) many more animations that are new and will only be shown in this section. I have also decided that the gifs in "a journey" will be comprised only of animations that I've found on the web. It makes sense.
lucky dip
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This series dates from 23rd october 2002 Last updated 22nd october 2005
35 animations thus far Most recent animation is the last moving stripe

Justin Bailey artist London, United Kingdom. http://www.ahumanbeing.com