a journey
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a journey is an experimental art work which will be continually evolving and will visit many places and see many things. It is a step-by-step adventure, in a linear fashion. There is one link (click) per page, which takes you to the next stage. This is not a game, there are no puzzles to solve - it is purely an ongoing adventure of curiosity. I intend it to be absolutely and wilfully eclectic, of varying styles, formats and intentions. It may well be that it becomes some sort of on-line travelogue of my life. I've no idea how its going to develop. All journeys, it is said, begin with a single step. This step began on 28th October 2001 (when the clocks go back, and the nights get dark).

I wish to thank all the artists who's work I have appropriated (animated gifs etc) for use in this project.
As far as I know all the images are royalty free and for use by anyone and everyone.
Update 11/12/01 as this visual trek has proceeded, I have started making my own animations, as well as using gifs from the web. Some of these home-made ones, because of their complicated nature, or large size, will take a bit longer to download than earlier steps. I have indicated where certain images do take an extra long time to receive. I have also now included the status bar at the bottom of your browser so you can see how large the image is.
Update 23/10/02 I have now decided to put the animations that I am making in their own separate section called, er, animations. This is because they are getting bigger and more complicated and are of a different nature to the pages in "a journey". This project will now continue with only those free images that I have found and copied from the web or some photographs of mine.
To proceed in this visual excursion you have to find the one link on each page that will take you to the next one (step). Invariably this live point is obviously in the middle of the screen (like much of my abstract painting where there is a focal point in the centre of the canvas - see bitmaps, f'rinstance). However, there are some pages where the image is much larger than your monitor so scrolling is actively required to find the next link (and to see all the animating thing).
Although you (the witness of this experiment and fellow traveller) could start the journey at the beginning and go all the way through to the end (which might be a long excursion later on), I will divide the travel into tours of 10 pages, so that you could dip in where, and when, you want to.
please note: some of the pages in this project involve flashing lights, and anyone susceptible to these should proceed with caution.

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Justin Bailey artist London, United Kingdom. http://www.ahumanbeing.com